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Excel to PDF Converter Getting started

Getting started
Welcome to Excel to PDF Converter, the award-winning Excel XLS document to PDF converter . With Excel to PDF Converter you will get:

Create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format from the Excel. 

This chapter helps you to get started with the software within the next minutes.

Excel to PDF Converter Main Interface:

After you have install Excel to PDF Converter successfully, you can see a toolbar in MS Excel 2000 or higher.
The Excel to PDF Converter Main Interface look like below picture.

How to use Excel to PDF Converter.
· Step 1: Open a Excel Document in the MS Excel 2000 or higher. 

· Step 2: Click "PDF Setting" button in the toolbar to open Setting dialog. 
From here, you merely need to change the entries in the GUI to suit your needs, and the PDF will be produced according to your specifications. 
· Step 3: Click "Save as PDF " button to convert current document to PDF. 
Specify the path and file name for the PDF file.